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T-800 Terminator Pack 5 - Stage 50

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Final stage of the pack, connecting the pelvis to the terminator:



Firstly, four nets go into each corner of the connection plate. Make sure to glue them as you will not be able to hold them when the go into the spine in the next step:



Now I place the connection plate into the bottom of the spinal cord. It is then held in place with a big nut. I use a spanner to make sure it is tight:



Now the pelvis assembly goes onto the connection plate like so:



Now from underneath, I screw in the pelvis into the connection plate where I glued in the four nuts.

The glue will not hold the nuts if you push too hard, and then you will have to take it all apart to get the nuts back in place (I learnt this the hard way). My solution is to get someone to hold the terminator upright so that the nuts are being held down with gravity and the glue. Then very gently screw into each nut:



For me, one of the screws attached to the nut, but I pushed it out of its hole in the connection plate. So I used one screw driver to push the nut back in, and another screwdriver to tighten the screw to the nut:



Pack 5 complete!



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Can you maybe take the littlelist amount of time, General Lou, to check that the text is actually spelt correctly? I believe we are trying to initially glue 4 Nuts into the base rather than 4 nets! We don't want fast postings of the official build diary if it means bad spelling persisting for the life of these products.

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