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T-800 Terminator Pack 5 - Stage 48

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Stage 48, joining right pelvis to left:



firstly, I take the assembly from stage 45, and 47. Then I join the two parts together just by pushing two slots into two holes:



The square frame part from this stage attaches on teh same way with 2 holes which go into two slots:



Now the other pelvic assembly from stage 46 attaches onto the other side like so:



Next, I take four screws and screw them into the top of the pelvis:



I screw in another two screws into the pelvis: 



Some more screws go into the underside here:



I dab a little glue onto the two lugs on the pelvis, as this is where the pelvic shield will mount on to. I test fit it first without glue to make sure it fits nicely. The shield should fit nice and flush to the pelvis:



Stage complete


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Maybe a good point in the process to highlight that 2 PM 3*6mm screws need to be added between Steps 11 and 12. It is not mentioned in the instructions, and our favourite YouTuber notes it. This would make the Official Agora Build Diary the best source of information for all Members.

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