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ROUTEMASTER pack 10 stage 97

JDave Say

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Ok so pack 10 stage 97 and yes we have a beautiful red front roof panel rain shields , one of my notes was the rain shields are in two lots 4 of them  ( f2 ) are lower deck and 6 of them  (f1 ) are upper deck , you’ll also need the rear interior platform wall from stage 60 and the rear window from the last stage , fixing the rear platform wall onto the bus is a little easier if you have the rear of the bus close to the edge of your work bench or alternately you can place a build cushion and carefully lay the bus on its side and fit on that way to access the underside screws , the handrails inside need checking for alignment , then we’re onto the front roof panel and strip , ok at this stage it’s worth taking lots of time as scratch’s can easily happen to your panels , so with your model sturdy and not able to move around easily I use two hands mostly to enter the screw into the panels then when I’ve got a few in all over the panel to make sure it’s lined up then I start to tighten them and finish the stage it’s time consuming but very satisfying once all the screws are in properly, then onto the rain shields on the opening windows , 






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