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ROUTEMASTER pack 10 stage 96

JDave Say

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Pack 10 stage 96  the rear framework , ,and fitting of the roof ceiling and frames etc ,,   wow theres lots of parts in this stage please find something to put all the parts and screws in etc so you don’t loose them as you’ll be needing them over the next few stages  well this is the last of our frames to be assembled and wow there’s much to do in this stage , so adding details to the rear frame and then using the combination of the screws in the framework around the bus to to connect both the lower and upper decks together , ok the roof I think I’ve mentioned this before but if not here goes , the upper deck inner roof panels are pretty difficult to fix in place as a complete roof and I was fortunately given some invaluable advice on fixing this by my friend Alex who told me he’d thought about it and there’s no reason why this inner upper deck roof cannot be fixed in place in three sections the front section first so you can the manipulate the grab poles inside to the correct holders and then the second section and third section and then the metal framework can fix on the top , I’ve used this method and so has world of Wayne and found it very easy , so carrying on with stage 96  you will need to work around the model pushing the frame carefully into position for the screws especially around the top frame sometimes it’s easier to just loosen a few screws around the areas your working in but don’t forget to retighten these screws afterwards , another thing in this stage is the rear plastic dome if the wire is not in the correct place you will have to undo the rear plastic dome and move the wire to the cutout as in the instructions ., 





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