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ROUTEMASTER pack 10 stage 91 and 92

JDave Say

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Pack 10 of build the classic Routemaster starts with a little advice on the bell switch see download centre pack 10 , stages 91 and 92 are the near side lower framework, I have used a very tiny amount of superglue on the silver window winders only because my models will be taken to a few shows during next summer so  I needed to make sure that everything is vibration proof but normal cabinet home display use you would not need to do this ,ok so onto the frames ,  the frames are metal and once connected together and then to the bus it gives great strength and a proper shape to your bus , only sticking point I’ve come across in the past is it’s worth while checking the the fit of the frames is perfect before you put them on the bus as I have come across frames that need a little dressing with a gentle filing because of paint especially where they join each other but other than that quite a straight forward couple of stages and when all the frames are on which most of them are after this pack 10 you’ll start to see how heavy and solid this beautiful model is going to be .







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