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ROUTEMASTER pack 9 stage 81 back wall panel .

JDave Say

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Hi everyone, pack 9 stage 81 starts with the back wall panel the upright polls and the wall at the top of the stairs on the upper deck at the rear of the bus , most notable of this stage is the LED that lights the stairs , in a future stage you’ll need to remove this back window wall and move the LED to under the rear seat so the cable comes out of the back of the bus in the notch doing this now will save you having to take the rear wall off again in the future , Also the upright polls and the upper deck inner roof will be tackled in this pack 9 and we have a special modification to make fitting the roof with the polls a lot easier it’s a suggestion that was given to me by a friend and it really works more about that later on in this pack , once this stage of 81 is finished it completes the upper deck inner walls of the bus and the next few stages are the upper deck inner roof panels .







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