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Answer to General Lou.

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Hi General Lou! Thank you for your question and your feedback on my guitar ideas topic. You asked me what real scale playable versions do I mean? Yeah, something like that. In fact, playability would not be important. Only the real scale. I have attached a picture to see what I mean ... These are pieces from a Gibson Les Paul. I thought we could put them together to get the replica. Separate numbers for each component. And let's say if there was a magazine included, there could be stories about the Gibson or Fender, Gretsch guitar maker (Which manufacturer the guitar is from. And it could show you other types of guitar from the manufacturer.) And the players who use that instrument and of course the assembly guide. miniature replicas would be feasible. They would be perfect. Just put them together, build them. What do you think about this? I would love to see Buddy Holly Fender Stratocaster, Peter Green Gibson's Les Paul, Eddie Cochran or Bryan Setzer Gretsch 6120 and finally Eddie Van Halen (redesigned) Fender Stratocaster Frankie (Frankenstein) One of these guitars What do you think?    LES PAUL PARTS:01-gibson-les-paul-guitar-kit.jpg.15ec1310d8e191ab2849a995e9eb4d81.jpgPETER GREEN'S LES PAUL:9224e3b3526786d62193cf0e32954e91.thumb.jpg.28ba4fd8a6019d26cb1140c86a29d366.jpg 


BUDDY HOLLY'S FENDER STRATOCASTER:5c48922354db61.41416102-e1548260136802.thumb.jpg.fe470a4f5685117b4eb9251cd1402815.jpgzh3ynz3myfcvubdeyiux_orig.thumb.jpg.b7dd766577d81c21b19035caf3994e47.jpg

EDDIE COCHRAN'S GRETSCH 6120:270125.jpg.7b0628fcf7ba6680091abde423b22e56.jpgdarrel10.jpg.540x540_q85_autocrop.jpg.1e046a7d00cc859f63cee50db1e616ff.jpg

EDDIE VAN HALEN'S FRANKIE (MODIFIED FENDER STRATOCASTER):kit-frankenstein-frankenstrat-evh-eddie-van-halen-D_NQ_NP_639655-MLB29217730587_012019-F.thumb.jpg.e660fd0deb543b0947adbb49df453215.jpgd1b42d9a-6cfa-48dc-b116-611d0cb75c42.jpg.67cf6efb62fb691934ca59a5ce1cfcef.jpg 


My favorite is the Peter Green's Les Paul and Buddy's Stratocaster.



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