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Pack 3 - Stage 10. Engine details and the forward keel.

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Stage 10 gives us some details for the engine and the forward keel section.


Push the small and medium cylinder heads onto the middle two cylinders.  Note the orientation of the pin on the larger of the two heads.


Push the larger heads onto the two outer cylinders, again noting the orientation of the pin.  Then fit the distribution valves.  You should find that the two halves of the cylinders now hold together neatly.  



The last job on the engine is to fit the 4 exhaust valves.  These are just pushed in place.

On a technical note, these are not exhaust valves in the traditional sense of the word.  When the steam came out of this engine, it was still at 9 psi.  It was then pipes to a turbine which drove the centre propeller.  After leaving the turbine it was then condensed back into water and put back in the boiler.  I'm not sure what these 'exhaust valves' actually are.  Perhaps drain cocks or indicator cocks?


Fit the keel with 5 screws.  Again, lubricate these screws to help them tighten easily.


This completes the stage.

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