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Routemaster pack 8 stage 80 front windows & electrics

JDave Say

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 Routemaster Pack 8 stage 80 the front upper deck windows destination box and electrics , ok this build just gets better and better with this stage we see the metal framework for the front upper deck windows and destination surround , my notes on this is take note of the small sliding windows that drop down these windows need to be correct the silver needs to go to the top of the windows , the drop down windows on a Routemaster are covered on three sides with polished alloy frames and they are top of window and sides the purpose of the polished alloy is to protect you from being cut by the glass which is why the lower part of the windows isn’t covered by the alloy frame because if anyone leans out of the windows or puts their arms out they’ll be protected by the alloy frame , so alloy frames go to the top , also in this stage you have the opportunity to test more of the electrics and a chance if you want to change the buzzer for a bell 🛎 I have done this on our models as personally I think it sounds better again use my diagram which I’ll put a picture in along with the others , happy building see you all on Pack 9 .





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