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Destination Blind Gears


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i know we possibly haven't got to the part in the build yet but does anyone know how the destination blind will be turned once the model is completed ? as i haven't been able to figure that out yet there is that large cog fitted the the top of the cab roof see pic 1.. but on my bus it doesn't engage with those cogs on the destination blind rollers see pic 2 and im wondering if when the model is finished how exactly do we roll the destination blind round ? is there a handle yet to be fitted that does that ? im just curious as what's the point of having a moving blind if it can't be accessed to move it ?




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7 minutes ago, Bigbadbri said:

I would guess the cab roof isn't  seated correctly if the cogs aren't engaging with each other. I think its one of those items you won't  be using too much so pick your destination now before it all gets screwed together

yeah it's definitely seated properly as the screws all line up guess like you say pick a route and stick with it .. it just seems bizarre they allow it to move but give no means to easily move it

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