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Pack 11 - Stage 86. The remote control housing.

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Stage 86 gives us the front of the remote control housing. We don't do anything with this yet, but we do fit tome details to the tank.


Take the drive sprockets that were supplied in stages 50 & 59, and fit these over the drive shafts.  Secure with a screw.


Now fit the hub caps that were supplied in stage 39.  Note that the location pins are different sizes so it much be inserted the right way round.  Make sure that the splines line up with those no the wheels.


Take the machine gun mount and place it on the turret ring.


Now take the mount retaining bracket and place this on the ring.  Secure it with a small ABP screw.  The mount should be free to slide around the ring.


Place the machine gun from stage 6 on the mount and secure with a screw.The screw supplied isn't very effective as the head is too small.  A larger headed screw, or a washer will help secure it.


This completes the stage.  However, I have removed the machine gun for the moment as it looks quite vulnerable and I don't want to damage it while completing the tank.


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