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Track issue


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Another issue I have identified is the gap between the track horns and return rollers as shown in the attached picture. 

The return rollers need a smaller spacer for the track horns to pass through. If not they will eventually cut the rollers off 🤦‍♂️



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7 hours ago, Diceman said:


Whoa - they have some nice stuff! And you are right, pretty pricey.

I think the Agora model we are building is more of a display unit than something meant for actual R/C fun. Some of the other kits out there are less expensive, some can actually fire pellets yet none have the FPV that this model advertises.

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I’m not sure but what if you put a metal spacer between the roller wheels this will narrow the space.  Not sure if this will help I have not put the tracks on yet

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Hi Joep, it’s finding the correct size spacer and it might not work?

To clarify, it’s the depth of the gap, not the width. The track horns are just that little too long and will eat into the screws  that hold the rollers on when running through.

Pass a spare track link through the roller and you will find out what going on.

Good luck buddy.



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No comment from Agora so I guess they have no plans to resolve this issue 🤯

If anyone wants my plastic return rollers they are welcome to them? You will need a spare set in time when running it, trust me!

I went ahead and purchased a metal set from KK and they are solid and look amazing 🤩 





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