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Clint Stone

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It's almost as if the kit was never assembled and tested before Agora put it on the market and now we have become the the engineers and they are learning from our feedback, quite frankly there have been issues since Pack 2... in 2 weeks they will owe me three packs, I know I'm not the only one in this position.. I know for me some honesty would be great, they haven't responded to my last email and  AgoraSam seems to have disappeared and I haven't heard from Sophie in some time.... and please don't tell us it's shipping issues again... so much for building models being a way to relieve stress.. thank you Agora for the extra unneeded stress,I was looking forward to moving on to something different with Agora but the way things are going doesn't look like it's going to happen... make it right Agora....!!!

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38 minutes ago, AgoraSam said:

Hi Clint, have you contacted us via the website? Please do and we can update you on the next shipment. Thank you!

Come on Sam this is not my first barbecue... two weeks ago I received an email saying it would be on its way in one week, an hour ago I received an email saying it will be on its way next week anyway that's where we're at.. blah blah blah

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