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Weak Suspension


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Has anyone else found that the suspension system is too weak on this model?

Since fitting the gearboxes, drive sprockets and tracks, the weight has caused the road wheels to lower especially towards the rear.

 I feel the springs in the suspension arms are not good enough to hold the weight of this tank.

Please add any comments that may resolve this issue.


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so what you are saying we have to disassemble the model again and on the last pack.  I see nothing but problems with this model.  Also we have not even tested the electronics yet!! What’s with that?

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Got pack 12 and you folks were right - new Springs!

Also, a few stages are kind of funny - one of the, 'stages' is just a wall charger. And the figure isn't so bad looking in person as it looks online, though it is still a bit cheesy.

Happy Building!

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It's a good thing I caught this because it didn't "feel" right during assembly.

My 2 packs of replacement springs were mis-labeled.  The Right side springs were in the L bag, and vice-versa.

The new springs are a significant increase to the stiffness of the suspension.

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