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My Upgraded Titanic Build

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Well, it's finally up! The first video in my upgraded build of this already amazing model! I hope you all enjoy it, and can't wait to share more of the journey with you all. If you're new to my channel, make sure to subscribe! I may be small, but I will definitely appreciate you all!



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Slight update. Due to some issues regarding my use of music in this video, it has been removed from YouTube while I fight with the company to show that it falls under fair use.

However, I have a backup of the video over on Odysee. So, check me out there and be sure and subscribe there too so you don't miss any of the videos on my channel! https://odysee.com/@TheModelGamer:1/the-model-frontier-build-the-titanic:d

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8 hours ago, Hilux5972 said:

Why not just remove the music? Personally I prefer watching build videos without music in them. Surely I can’t be alone in this. 

Because I personally feel like the music gives a certain ambiance to the build. Plus, in my videos, I do tend to speed up bits where I'm screwing stuff in and not talking at all, and I silence those parts, so the music plays nicely for those.

I did take out most of the offending songs, and reposted, but Sony Music is still being stubborn. I'm going to see what I can do later on, once I get a few more issues cleared up first.

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