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Mark's E-Type

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Fit the steering rack bracket to the subframe.




Now we can fit the remaining subframe brace.




Moving on to the engine, add the water pump and hose.  The water pump is clipped in place and takes a good shove to get on.  The hose, on the other hand, is a bit loose and may benefit from a drop of superglue.  I didn't glue mine, but I will if it falls off again!




Back to the steering mechanism, add the steering column and steering rack.  The column needs to be correctly orientated so that the steering wheel is straight when the road wheels are straight.  I took a guess at the flat of the D in the steering column being at the top.  50:50 chance of being right!




Ensure that the steering column is fed through the correct opening in the sub frame.




Add the steering rack mounts.




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