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Pack 4 - Stage 28. Main left landline gear leg.

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Stage 28 gives us a start on the left landing gear.


Take the orange gear and press it onto the pin on the landing leg.


Now press the bearing onto the pin.  This needed quite a firm push.  Make sure the gear wheel is still fully seated.


Fit the body on the landing gear.  This is the helpful view.


This is the view from the same angle as the instructions.


Place the lending gear position indicator int he other half of the housing.  Note how the pin of the indicator fits in the groove of the housing.


Secure it in place with the bearing housing part.


Close up the two halves of the housing, making sure that the leg is in its raised position with the indicator in its lower position, as in the photo below.  Check that the indicator moves freely to its highest position when the leg is moved to the landing position.


Take the landing gear door and clip it into the holes in the landing leg.


Place the other metal rods in the grooves as shown.


Finally, fit the end cover to hold the door hinge in position.


That completes this stage.

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