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Upgraded Forecastle Done

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 Well, I finally got mine, and I put my upgrade kit to good use. 


Yes, I know there's more done here than just Stage 1. I had the instructions for Stage 8 already and figured, since I had the parts, I could do that Stage as well. But I keep it in order on my video, which will be posted as soon as it's done.


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If you do not mind me asking can i ask what sort of Black did you use  on the capstans the anchor guides  and on the sides of the hcach  and what color and make of paint did you use for the brass affect on top of the capstans. and the steam valves  And on the Anchor guides  are they the one you got with the Kit or are they aftermarket ones. Sorry for the Qs  but this is one my very first builds and I want to get it right 

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No problem at all.

The black is an acrylic flat black. As for the top of the capstans, I didn't use any paint. The capstans are from an upgrade kit, and they were bronze or brass cast, so I just left them normal. Suppose that answers your question about stock or aftermarket parts as well.

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