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Pack 1 - Stage 3. Front left suspension and brake disc.

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Stage 3 gives us the front left suspension and a brake disc. (Apologies that the screws are left in the packets, but there are several different types and I did't want to get them mixed up!)


Fit the hub carrier joint to the upper control arm (aka wishbone).  My joint had some mould marks which stopped it going into the fork easily so these were filed off.


Fit the joint to the upper wishbone and secure with a screw.


Now screw the hub carrier joint to the hub carrier.  This is free to rotate.


Fit the brackets to the lower control arm/wishbone.  These are marked with a small 3 engraved on the bracket to help identify them.  The holes are different sizes, to insert the screw through the larger hole and it will thread into the smaller hole on the other side.


Repeat the process for the shock absorber lower half and its bracket.  This one is engraved with a 2.


Now fit the lower shock bracket to the lower control arm.  


Then fit the hub carrier joint as before.


Followed by the hub carrier bottom.  This is free to rotate.


Screw the two halves of the hub carrier together.


Now fit the upper shock bracket to the upper half of the shock.


That completes work on the suspension for now, so let's turn our attention to the brake disc.  This has some nice etched parts to give a really nice finish.

Screw the two halves of the disc together.


Take the first etched disc, peel the backing paper off and carefully stick it to the plastic disc.  Note that the two discs are different, so pay attention to the instructions as they show which is which.


Repeat for the other side.P5280252.thumb.JPG.868277bd84a614542fde1f94391fc432.JPG

That completes this stage.

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