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Pack 1 - Stage 3. Starting the engine.

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Well, not really Starting the engine, but beginning the engine!!  (sorry, I couldn't resist the cheesy pun!)

Anyway, here are the parts we get.


Identify the 4 starboard (right hand) cylinders.  These are marked R1 to R4.  Place them on the right side columns.  The columns are also marked R1 to R4 so it's easy to get them in the right positions.  These are held in place with BM screws.


Repeat the process with the port (left hand) side of the engine.


Clip the 4 con rods to the 4 piston rods.  The open side of  the clips all point upwards.


Now clip the con rods to the crank shaft.  Pay attention to the orientation of the crank shaft and the correct location of each con rod.


Lay the crank shaft assembly on the left hand engine side. being careful to get all the piston rods located in the cylinders.  This is a bit fiddly, so take your time. 


Now put the right hand side of the engine in place.  This is pushed together.  The instructions say not to use glue, and I guess this is to avoid any risk of accidentally gluing the pistons!  I found some of th tops sprung apart, but I think this will be pulled together when the cylinder heads are fitted.


Turn the engine over and are the two bearings 3L & 3M.  Note that the smaller earring, 3M goes toward the end of the crankshaft with the flat on it.


Now add the two bearing caps 3O & 3P.  Note that bearing cap 3P on the right is shown fitted backwards, both in the magazine instructions and my photo.  I discovered this later, but trust me, it does need to go the other way round!


Glue the gear wheel on with a tiny drop of super glue, making sure you've got it on the right way round!!


That completes the engine for now, but we'll add more parts to it later.

Bung some batteries in the smoke generator tester and connect the smoke generator.  This is actually an ultrasonic device and makes water vapour rather than smoke.  P5210159.thumb.JPG.4ee335d960db0abd56b3ef9078d6306b.JPG

Place it on a wet paper towel and press the button.  You should see a gentle whiff of 'smoke' appear.  It depends on how wet the paper is and how hard you press down as to how much 'smoke' you get.  Sorry for the poor picture, it was the best my camera wanted to do!!


That completes stage 3.

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