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Pack 2 - stage 15. Continuing with the engine.

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Stage 15 gives us the carburettor.


Glue the two halves of the intake trunk together and then glue this to the carb body.  I think I've got the part names correct, but please post a comment if you think I've made a mistake.


Now fit the carb body to the centre part.  The instructions say to glue this, but I found it pushed on very firmly and didn't need gluing.


Add part 15-05.  Not sure what this is!


Push the electrical conector into the centre part.  It must go all the way in.  Arrange the wires to come out near the bottom.


This is how the socket should protrude from the other side.


Add part 15-08 to the top of the centre part (Not sure what this is called either!) and screw this to the main body of the carb.  Make sure the wires aren't trapped.


Fit the two mounting brackets to the magnetos.  These need glueing.


Finally, fit these to the main assembly.  The pointed ends point away from the intake trunking.


That completes this stage, and this pack!

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