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Second engine build


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I posted earlier that I had ruined the Zero engine. The jewel of the build was totally useless. I ordered packs 1 and 2 again and they were delivered today. Thank you to Agora for giving me a substantial discount on these 2 packs. I started the rebuild a little while ago and it is going well. The cause of the destruction was stupidity. I pinched the wires for the propeller motor and had to take it apart to fix it. That meant cutting all the ignition wires. Taking it apart also broke off several of the oil tubes that go between the cylinders. By that time I had decided to buy packs 1 and 2 again. This time, I am testing the prop motor at every turn. So far so good. If I could make one recommendation to Agora it would be to move the motor test to an earlier stage, before the ignition wires are installed. That way builders would know if they had made the same mistake that I made.

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I had the black lead break free from the motor while I was tucking the leads in. It doesn't look like it was soldered very well. I was going to repair it myself, but my soldering iron is nowhere to be found. Agora said they would send another motor. We'll see. 

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