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Mark saying Hi!!

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To kick off the Introductions, I'll give you a bit of info about myself.

Some of you may know, I've been modelling for the last 50 years or so.  Hachette's Titanic partwork, back around 2003.  Since then I've built many partworks, including the Tiger Tank, Red Baron's Fokker Triplane, James Bond's DB5, Nissan GTR, McLaren MP4-23,  an orrery, HMS Hood, Bismarck, and so on.  I've also built several of Agora's models, including the Shelby Mustang GT500, Shelby Cobra s/c and am part way through the Fire Truck, Leopard Tank, E-Type and have just started the official build of the Zero.

Over the years I've dabbled with radio controlled boats, aircraft, and the odd car.  I've also built numerous flying model rockets including high power rockets.  However, I've more or less stopped building working models as I seem to have very little time to use them.  The exception being live steam engines.  I've built a hot air engine, a couple of steam engines, and am currently finishing off a 5" gauge steam locomotive.  

I don't have a favourite genre, but will build anything that takes my fancy.  However, I do have a bit of a weakness for motorbikes.  The MFH Brough Superior is a wonderful model.  Mainly white metal.  Like all MFH kits, it's a lot of work, but the finished article looks amazing.

Outside of modelling I've also done some marquetry, enjoy a bit of mountain biking, skiing when I get the chance (not often!!) and do a fair bit of walking.  More since we got a dog!!

I'm honoured that Agora asked me to do their official builds and I look forward to providing useful hints and tips, and advise when I can!

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