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Custom mods for the T800 and build progress

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Hi All,

Builder from UK here, through Hachette but model is the same, posting some of the custom mods I have done as Ive been building it, I do not supply or make these mods, but I can give some pointers to anyone who wants to give something similar a go.

Its also useful for you guys to see what it looks like in a more advanced stage.

Heres how he looks so far up to issue 62 in Hachette parts. The gun I believe is also supplied through Agora at some point..?



Now on to some of the mods I have done.

The teeth are replacements from ModelModz and are off the shelf ready to fit, I just painted mine a bit to weather them. I have also weathered the metalwork with Citadel Nuln oil.

First the gun, I opened it up and fitted some home made electronics, and a laser, this can be seen in action with this video at the end.


I made a minigun, from a toy softgel gun from wish which is the main body, and the barrel and electronics I built from scratch using alu tubes, arduino etc.


And here is a video showing this in action


You will  notice in the vids the head is turning, this is another custom mod, using a servo in the neck and arduino, which controls the head turning and mouth opening, I wanted mind to be automated rather than remote controlled.


One thing that I sacrificed is the moving eyes, I opted to make my own larger eyes which I made from chrome balls and a lathe, filled with resin and a fibre optic, lit using the standard LEDS.


Final mod that I have done so far, is I cut the circle cover off the cranium, and added a alu piece that I made from a small alu torch inner





The chip is from a piece of plastic and when you take it out the thing powers off.

Loads more vids on my channel


Thanks for reading, some of this nnot in chrono order, hence why the last posts show the original teeth etc.



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Love all the mods you have done for your build, have been following them on Youtube and the Facebook build group. Thanks so much for posting, great inspiration for all.


If I could ask you about the servo in the neck, what is the torque rating/dimensions of the servo that finally worked for you?


Thanks again.


p.s it seems that all of your pic's have disappeared from your posts, wonder if it's the community forum... or something you did.

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