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T-800 Terminator Pack 1 - Stage 7

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Stage 7, arm:

(Note: Part 7-4 comes inside part 7-1 which you will want to separate for step 1 because they need gluing)



Firstly, I put 4 dabs of super glue onto the black circle and place it on part 7-1 to stick them together:



Next I grab the arm from stage 4 then put glue on the upper arm piece and attach them together:



Now I join part 7-3 and 7-2 using two 2x6mm screws:



The last step is to join part 7-5 and 7-6 with two more 2x6mm screws. The screws are tight so if you wear down the then head like I did, just swap if with a spare:



Stage 7 complete



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