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T-800 Terminator Pack 1 - Stage 2

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Stage 2, face and arm:



The upper jaw connects with the eye piece from stage 1:



Then I screw the two pieces together underneath using 2 screws (PB 2 x 6mm circled in red):



The teeth will not fit together nicely if they have plastic protruding out from the side. you can chop/sand them off. (Leave the two plastic bits sticking out the top):



I fit the teeth in place without glue first so i know which places they go into. Then I apply some glue and stick them in:



Screw the two right arm components together with 2 KB 6mm screws (circled in red). There is a notch on both parts which should align:



Stage 2 complete


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21 hours ago, Beamerboy said:

Hi General Lou,

Do you believe that it is superglue (rather than anything else) that is required to perform an adequate join on the materials mentioned in the build instructions?


Hi Beamberboy,

Super glue works well for me because you only put a small amount, so it must be strong.  But any other glue should work if it is suitable for sticking plastic to metal or metal to metal.

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