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Worth while build?


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Good morning all. I have several builds in different stages of completion. The Bismark is through pack 9 and looking great. The parts are all expertly engineered and produced. The Leopard 2 is through pack 5. Pack 6 should be here soon and the Terminator is waiting on pack 11 and 12 that were, for some reason, not included in the shipment. Also, package 36 of pack 4 was not included in the pack. I'm still waiting for that to be delivered. It has been shipped but who knows.

My question to all of you is; Is the Zero fighter a worth while build? I've watched the videos and it looks like it will be a great addition to my rapidly growing collection of Agora models. The determining factor in all these builds is, of course, the price.  Even with the discounts that I have earned it's a pricy build. The motor alone takes packs 1 and 2 to assemble. I also like the display stand. So, let me know what you think. Terminator was a Christmas present so the Zero would be an early birthday gift from me to me.

Thank you all for your time and any comments.

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