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Weathering Bismarck


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Do you feel that you should weather the Bismarck AS you build it, or after?? I see that some folks start with weathering right away. I am curious about customhobbydecals and if it is worth buying the swastika deck decals. In addition, I plan on using Micro Kristal clear to add glass portholes, but should I do each section as I build or after? Pics are in this email. Thanks



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Decking is the hardest part, in that all the decks are slightly different in colour from the factory, so trying to blend them together is... fun.

The decals are just the icing on the cake, really finishes off the ship.  

With regard to overall weathering, I'm just building up the weathering as I go.  Light layers, so that I can then blend all the ship at the end, especially the decking.



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