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Gibson Chollector's Choice Partwork New ideas! FOR GENERAL LOU!

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Hi! I brought a new Les Paul to add to the Les Paul armada of the Gibson Collector's choice series. This is Joe Bonamassa's Skinner Burst. This model was originally planned in the cc series but eventually became just a smooth Custom shop replica. So it was not part of the cc series, it was a separate replica. I brought some videos. In the first video, Joe Bonamassa talks about the guitar, in the second, a little interview with Joe Bonamassa's sound technician for fun and further videos about the guitar. Also, I have an idea even in the magazine field. Collecting a Les Paul is a maximum of 10 magazine issues. Minimum maybe 5. It also depends on the distribution of parts. I don't know exactly that. The point is to assume the first cc model is Greeny. This was used by Peter Paul, Gary Moore. This Les Paul is currently owned by Metallica's solo guitarist Kirk Hammett (now). The magazine could include biography articles about the guitarist who used the guitar, the history of Les Paul, the history of the Gibson guitars, the history of the electric guitar, its evolution, the history of other guitar brands such as Fender, Gretsch, etc.https://youtu.be/4rHmdQzI-As





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