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Mark's Leopard 2A6 - Pack 1

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EDIT:  I started this dairy before I started doing the official build dairies for Agora. Therefore the format is not quite the same as the rest of the official build dairies.  


I decided I'd build this one as I haven't done a partwork tank before, and this looks like a rather splendid and well featured model.

I've got pack one, so let's get cracking!

The instructions are purely graphic, which makes them clear and easy to follow.  However, we will miss out on the useful insights from their expert.  You can download the instructions from the download centre if you want to see them.  Anybody can download them. https://www.agoramodels.com/download-centre-uk/#six

Stage one gives us the barrel, a hatch and a periscope.


The barrel is nicely painted.  The colours look about right to my untrained eye, and the feathering is very even.


Not much to do in this pack though, we just put the 'glass' in the periscope.


Here is the hatch we get.  Sorry about the dust on it.  I didn't notice it when I took the picture.


Stage 2 gives us another section barrel and another hatch.


The base of the barrel screws on, and the camo pattern lines up perfectly!!  


A vision port goes into a hatch surround.  This just clips in, but only goes in one way.


This hatch surround is screwed on to its base.



Then the periscopes just click in to the mount.


Looking good, everything fits nicely.


This hatch is held in place with a spring and rises vertically.  Personally, I think the spring is a tad too strong as the hatch is a little difficult to lift, and pulls off centre a little.  No big issue, but there a very easy improvement.  Just leave the spring out.  The hatch is then much easier to lift up, and it sits centrally in the aperture.


From the top you can see how the hatch is pulled slightly, but the spring.  It sits centrally if you omit the spring.  The screw head still stops the hatch falling out.


This completes stage 2

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Pack 3 gives us the turret!  It's big and heavy!


The commander's hatch is screwed in place (I hadn't thought about removing the spring yet! That only came to me while I was writing this diary!)


Then the hatch from stage 1 goes in, fixed with a single screw on the hinge base, so it can be raised of course.


Followed by the ring around it (no idea what this is for or what it's called!!)


In its raised position.


Finally for this stage, the periscope from stage 1.  This is screwed in, but was a tight fit.


This completes stage 3.



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Stage 4 gives us some of the turret armour and the start of the tracks.


The armour screws on nice and easily.


Confession time - I haven't started the tracks yet.

Stage 5 gives us more of the armour.


The handrails are fitted first.  This have shaped pins and only go on one way.  Don't over-tighten them as that will put a twist in the hand rails.


The two parts are joined by a hinge.  This is easy enough, if a little fiddly.
Note that this is fitted to the armour with 3 pegs (the outer pegs) and secured with 2 screws, which go in the middle two posts.


Push the armour in place.  I found that the three pegs were very tight and I needed to scrap the paint off them to get the armour to sit properly.  Make sure it's fully home before tightening the screws, or you'll just strip the screws!  (Ask me how I know!!)


Stage 5 gives us the right hand side armour, track links and a gun! 


This armour fits easily.


This vision port (or ranging device?  Not sure...) clips in place.


Tracks are being left for Ron!  (Later Ron - groan... sorry.....)

Stage 7 is a repeat of stage 5.


Stage 8 gives us the rear of the turret.  (and more track links)


This just screws in place.


This completes pack 1.  I'm impressed so far! 



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21 hours ago, wyatt said:

Looking good Mark. I may have missed it, but, which parts so far are metal? You did mention that the turret is "Big and heavy" so I'm guessing it is metal? 


The main body of the turret and the barrel are metal.  The smaller pieces of armour and the details are mostly plastic.  

The tracks are metal, with rubber pads, exactly as the real thing would be.

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Tracks!  No point in putting them off any longer!  However, they are a bit fiddly!!

Start with putting the pins through 2 track links.  Follow the instructions carefully to make sure everything is the right way round!


Add the centre link with tweezers.


Then push the pins the rest of the way through.


The instructions say to use a hammer to secure the remaining link.  This works OK, but I prefer an alternative approach.  


I prefer to put the link in a smooth jawed vice and squeeze the links together.  I find this gives me a bit more control.  


This is the end result.



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