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  1. Stage 79 gives us the radiator and oil cooler The front photo-etch grill screws in place. The screws are tiny! And fiddly!! The rear of the oil cooler is just dropped in place. Then the tabs on the front are bent over, the front dropped in place, and the tabs bent the secure it all. Stage 80 continues with the radiator. The back is screwed in place. Then the etched grill is screwed in place. More fiddly screws!! Stage 81 is the radiator fans and oil cooler mounting bracket. The oil cooler clips in place, and that's it for now. Stage 82 is the
  2. On with pack 10. Start with stage 74 which is the passenger door hinge and catch Assembly is exactly the same as the driver's door back in stage 72. Here's the finished assembly. Stage 75 gives us the windscreen frame. Nothing to do with this just yet. Stage 76 gives us the left sun shade and wind deflector. You have to prise open the brackets, fit them on the frame, and then squeeze them shut. It works well as the metal is soft and doesn't spring. Stage 77 is the right shade and deflector. Rinse and repeat! Stage 78 is the wind screen
  3. Personally, I'd like to see something a little different. Perhaps something like the Amati Ferrari Arno or the Italian Runabout. https://store.amatimodel.com/en/models-amati-classic/product-ferrari-arno-xi-special-edition-kit-b1610.html https://store.amatimodel.com/en/models-amati-classic/product-italian-runabout-b1608.html
  4. Stage 71 The Door, well, one of them anyway. Screw the door card in place. Then push the rivets in the top. I used the end of a paint brush handle to avoid damaging anything. Some of them needed a fairly good shove! Stage 72 the door hinge and catch. Firstly, that spring is really tiny! Don't feed it to the carpet monster! The carpet monster loves tiny springs! His favourite food!!!! Push the print on to the handle. Then fit the handle and hinge to the door. Don't over tighten the OP1
  5. Stage 69 The trunk lid. These parts are easily fitted. Stage 70 The license plate and hinges. Hinges fit thus. And the license plate goes here.
  6. Stage 67 the steering shaft. First, take the advice from the expert and rethread the screw hole for the cam caver in this bracket. I hadn't done it in this photo, but it's really good advice! Then screw the bracket to the chassis. Fiddle the shaft into position. It's not too difficult with tweezers. Then fit the cover (sorry, I forgot to take that photo.) Stage 68 The setting rack and column. Tap the steering wheel onto the steering column. I used a small block of wood so I could tappy tap tap right on th
  7. Stage 66 more firewall details. Add the pipes to the oil vapour canister. Then fit it to the firewall. Add the air intake pipe.
  8. On the Pack 9. Stage 65 the drivers seatbelt brackets and roll cage. Find the roll bar from pack 1 and attach the seatbelt bracket and eye bolts. Clip in the seat belts, noting the orientation of the buckles. Add the roll bar section.
  9. Stage 61 The Firewall. Moving to the front of the car, we start with the firewall. Nothing to do but admire this part. Stage 62 The speaker Nothing too challenging with fitting the speaker! Stage 63 Gubbins for the firewall. Just follow the instructions to add the details. I found some of the cables were a little loose, but were easily secured with superglue. Just use a tiny drop. Stage 64 continues with the firewall details. Again, just follow the in
  10. Stage 60 Rear fender part Feed the cables through the rear fender, paint attention to the cable numbers. Screw the tank and truck assembly to the rear fender Then add the cable clip.
  11. Stage 59 Fuel pumps, etc. The fuel pumps are pushed into the trunk bulkhead. The first pipes go on next. I ended up using a drop of superglue applied from underneath to secure the front ends of the pipes, where the go into the trunk floor. Then the other two pipes are fitted. If you look carefully you can see where one of the pipes has pulled out fo the floor, hence the need for superglue. Finally the trunk lid support is fitted.
  12. I'm a bit late uploading these packs. Life got in the way! Anyway, on to Pack 8. Stage 57 The fuel tank Take the trunk board assembly with wires, and arrange them like this. Screw on the fuel tank, and you should have something like this. Stage 58. The rear trunk. Fit the two parts together. Add the fuel tank, and you end up with something like this.
  13. Thanks John, I'm really pleased with the way this is coming on. I looked at the seatbelt hooks and thought they were going to be trouble, but mine went in with no problem at all. Glad Agora CS got you sorted quickly! I'm looking forward to the next pack now!
  14. Stage 55 is the lower trunk board and fuel filler pipe. I assume this translates to boot floor! LOL!! Two parts, one screw, easy!! Stage 56 is the circuit board and cables. Plug the cables in following the instructions and numbers. Then screw the circuit board to the panel. That completes this pack! Here's the gratuitous "The car looks like this" shot!!
  15. Stage 52, another seat. Stage 53 the seat cushion. Stage 54 the seat cover and belts. Firstly, the seat belt hooks go in like this. Now we assemble the seat, which is a repeat of the driver's seat. The only difference between the two seats is the orientation of the lap belts. Add the shoulder straps. Tweezers are your friend here!! Add the seats, and we're done with this stage.
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