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  1. Stage 31 gives us the right rear wheel hub and brake. The assembly is the same as the previous one. The completed pack looks like this!
  2. Stage 29 gives us some of the rear suspension. Firstly, put the prop shaft and if in place. They are loose at this stage, and the prop shaft falls out easily! Don't worry about it, it goes back easily later. Now fit the upper wishbones to their bracket. Be careful to get these parts the right way round. Screw the upper wishbone holder to the chassis. The prop shaft has fallen out, but don't worry. Fit the left hub upright to the upper wishbone with a pin. Still no need to worry about the prop shaft...... Stage 30 gives us the lower left wishbone and shock.
  3. Stage 27 gives us the differential housing and drive shafts. Firstly, screw the inner drive shaft connectors to the diff housing. They are both the same, so it doesn't matter which way round they go. Now fit the drive shafts. These are fitted with a pin which pushes through fairly easily. It does matter which way round these go. Left and right are different, and the shafts must be fitted so they point slightly backwards. Now fit the left rear hub to the drive shaft with another pin. This completes this stage. Stage 28 gives us the top & rear diff housings a
  4. Stage 26 give us the rear left wheel hub and brake. The assembly is virtually the same as the front hub/brake, but we don't add the wheel yet.
  5. Stage 25 gives us the floor panels Screw the first side in place. I taped the battery lead down to avoid it getting tangled. Add the second side. Now the engine is screwed in place. It's only held by two screws onto bell housing, but they hold it firmly. This completes this stage, and she is looking good!!
  6. I've got pack 4 now. Stage 24 gives us the front right wheel hub & brake. First, push the chrome cap into the spinner. Now put the brake disc on the hub. Add the caliper. Add the wheel. Turn it over, screw the wheel on, then add the spinner. This completes this stage.
  7. I'm so tempted to ask KMW if I can book a test drive 😂
  8. Stage 100! The last stage!! The gives us the rear bumper and number plates. Fit the rear number plate to the rear valance Now fit the rear valance to the model. I left it upside down for this. Now add the rear bumper. This just pushes on. Moving to the front of the car, fit the front number plate. This completes the model! I think it looks stunning!! It is a big and heavy model!! I now proudly claim my AgoraElite badge 😀
  9. Stage 99 gives us the rear valance Before we start with the parts supplied we have the major task of fitting the body. Firstly, I take the wires undertake front vent grill with some masking tape. This tames the wires somewhat! Now connect all the cables. First things first, put a drop of oil in the screw holes. This will make it much easier to drive the screws home. Holding the trunk open with a bit of masking tape makes life easier too. Now lower the body over the chassis. It's a bit tricky and needs a bit of fiddling to get it to sit properly. Make sure you get
  10. Stage 97 gives us the head lining, but we attach the doors. I found the easy way to ensure that the door was properly aligned was to put the car upside down and hold the door in the closed position while tightening the screw. The door aligned perfectly, as did the other side! That's it for this stage. Stage 98 gives us the rear view mirror and sun shades The sun shades simply clip in like this. The rear view mirror clips together and is screwed in place. Then the head lining is pressed into place. Finally the antenna is screwed into place. This i
  11. Stage 96 gives us the door trim and sill plates The trims just push in. So do the sill plates. This completes this stage
  12. Stage 94 gives us the rear screen. Again, nothing to do with this yet. Stage 95 gives us the rear screen trim and antenna. Like the front screen, fit the glass first. Then the trim. Again, this took a bit of a push to go in. This completes this stage. The antenna is left until later.
  13. On the home straight now, I've got the last pack!! Stage 91, you get the windscreen. Nothing to do yet! Stage 92 gives us the windscreen trim and wipers. I coloured the wiper blades black to represent the rubber. Simple use of a black Sharpie! The screen goes in easily enough. Then the trim is fitted. This needed a fairly firm push to get it to clip in. Be careful not to push on the screen itself. This completes this stage. The wipers are fitted later. Stage 93 gives us the upper vent grill. Fit the wipers. These have tabs in the pegs to make
  14. Stage 90 gives us the rear lights and fuel cap. First off, the fuel pipe bracket fits inside, and screws on from the outside. Now screw the filler cap to its base. And fit this in place. I love the quality of the logo on the cap! The rear light goes on from the outside of course. Then the LED circuit board goes on from the inside. I needed to ned the wires a little so it sat flat. The the cover is screwed in place. Be careful not to strip these screw holes. Then lay the wires in the grooves and secure with the clips. The completed stage looks
  15. Stage 89 is the lower rear body and trunk hinges The body part goes on easily. As do the hinges The hinges are retained by two brackets. Again, no dramas, and it all fits nicely. This completes this stage.
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