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  1. I also found the M2 nuts would not go in. What I tried was carefully use a pointy mini file to "scrape" the inside walls of the hexagon recesses, just enough to remove the chrome paint. I used your tip of pushing the nuts in with a screwdriver, and it worked great.
  2. Hi... I have a few questions regarding my Terminator build. In Pack-2 Stage-14 Steps-1-9, there is the forearm assembly and I feel that the Lower Arm Tubes 14-1 and 14-2 remain very loose after tightening the 14-4 screws. I left it as is until Pack-3 Stage-24 had me join the arm and hand assemblies via the ball-joints. I noticed that the hand is very "flimsy" I am considering making a bushing that would slip onto parts 14-3 between 14-2 and 12-1. What are your thoughts on this? Has anyone had this problem? If so, what is your recommendation for fixing it? T
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