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  1. Pack 5 incoming! Looks like the 4 axles with wheels will be finished. https://www.instagram.com/agoramodels/
  2. I just finished Pack 4 and the front end of the engine is sagging quite a bit. Are you guys seeing the same thing on your build? The engine/transmission assembly is very rigid by itself but is only held to the plastic floor panels by 2 screws so this may be the cause of the sagging.
  3. Pack 4 just shipped to me from Florida.
  4. I ordered the limited edition (packs 1-5) this week and just got the shipping notification but I noticed only packs 1-3 were sent.
  5. I know these 1:8 models don’t require glue but if I were to use some in certain areas to keep small plastic pieces in place what type of glue should be used (cyanoacrylate, epoxy, etc.)? Also what type of glue is recommend for attaching the rubber/silicone spark plug wires to the plastic nubs?
  6. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. 1. Does the horn button work and have sound? On the website it’s mentioned the horn does make sound but looking at the instruction it doesn’t seem there’s any actuation of the horn or space for a button in the steering wheel. 2. Does the suspension work? The A-arms look like they articulate but I can’t tell if the springs are functional. 3. Is the carpet bare plastic or will it have flocking/velvet applied? 4. Will the gauges have a clear plastic “glass” like the GT500 model?
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