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  1. Mine to can’t see this finishing till feb or March next year agora seem very quiet on the subject
  2. dave1701

    Pack 6

    My payment was taken 2 weeks ago I thought the pack was due the middle of july
  3. dave1701

    Pack 6

    Hi there is there any update as to when pack 6 will ship
  4. Think your right seems the logical explanation
  5. It would be nice for agora to comment the reason but I’m still enjoying the build
  6. Hi I’ve found out agora has gone to a 6 week delivery for packs 5 and 6 no idea why
  7. Must agree the Cs team are so helpful I was missing the searchlight cable from stage 40 a replacement arrived in a few days brilliant service
  8. Just checked I’m missing the searchlight cable as well
  9. Hi WW I’m missing stage 3 from pack 1 I was originally promised despatch on the 12th feb nothing arrived Sophie promised tracking either yesterday or today
  10. Welcome back I’m still waiting told by Sophie I would get tracking today but nothing so far
  11. Same here been waiting 3 weeks now definitely thinking of cancelling
  12. Hi mate no still nothing just emailed them again they don’t seem to be replying to emails
  13. No still nothing I was told it will be shipped today
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