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  1. Scalerc

    Pack 3

    Not sure what’s going on, but I get the same response. I asked yesterday and got an email today saying both my pack 11 of the mustang and pack 3 of the cobra would be shipping today or tomorrow so we will see. I know COVID has delayed many things and we all must be patient but still it is the standard excuse everyone uses and I don’t mind the delays just be upfront about shipping dates and follow through. Don’t become Eaglemoss......
  2. Time will tell, if it is truly different then the tamiya then yes count me in but if it is all plastic with some metal, then tamiya is my choice.
  3. I got an email yesterday which said they will be shipping this week. We will see. Also that they will do better with pack 4 and 5. Time will tell. I just got my third MFH kit and wow they are nice. Don’t be afraid to order direct from MFH, I have ordered Wednesday and had the kit in my hand by Monday on all three occasions so there shipping is good. They were all shipped FedEx. Avoid the sellers on eBay as their prices are high when compared to Direct purchase. But a solid alternative with some interesting subjects. Not knocking agora as I like their stuff, and will build the Jaguar
  4. If this is rc then my question would be what makes it better then the tamiya, other then it comes pre-painted.
  5. I to am disappointed with the cobra shipping thus far and yes we should be on pack 4 by now, but we must give some allowance for COVID delays. As we are getting parts from agora although sometimes slow. I ordered the Deagostini charger and in 6 months have only gotten up to pack 3. Been waiting for pack 4 for 2 months with no given timeline so I won’t complain about Agora, and let’s not even mention the horrendous shipping from eaglemoss. On the verge of cancelling 2 subscriptions over there because the wait has been 4 months with no known timeline. And when they do ship they can’t even provid
  6. I’m looking forward to the red cabrio jag. It will look nice next to my green jag I’m currently building. Hopefully they get nicer seats in the red jag. I am replacing the green jag seats with a replacement upgrade kit I got from Model Motor cars. Should be a nice addition. Would have been happier if it was a Ferrari but this one is nice.
  7. Scalerc


    I went with the trumpeter version with the pontos detail set and scaledecks for the wood decking. Lots of work but beautiful in the end. Half the cost when all is said and done. Not sure which model is better as I haven’t seen the die cast Bismarck in person but the trumpeter can be converted to rc.
  8. Scalerc

    Pack 2

    The last 2 shipments I got they provided no tracking information or email confirmation that anything shipped. Package just showed up. In the US I did notice that they switched from UPS/USPS delivery which they used in September to straight USPS. Don't mind either but would like tracking information upon shipment as we had before so know that something is coming. Especially now that the weather is changing.
  9. Scalerc

    Pack 2

    My experience with Agora has been pretty I had issues with deliveries when I first signed up for the snake. They corrected them and no issues since. Pack 2 of the cobra should be coming soon as I got pack 1 the first week of October. These are nice kits but patience is key.
  10. Mine got delivered today. Parts look good, looking forward to the build. New packaging is much improved arrived with hardly a dent as compared to the mangled mess the old packaging used to show up in. Still hope they go the Florida route for USA deliveries. Yes the service is better As it’s going thru UPS but they use UPS saver which means that UPS will delivery to the post office and then USPS will deliver the package. Adds a day to the delivery process.
  11. Mine is coming from GB as well. Which I was disappointed to hear. Was originally told all USA shipments for the cobra would come from Florida. Hopefully they switch over in the future like they did the Snake. GB shipments are not bad Before COVID, but since they take longer and unless they improved their packaging it is a potential issue. I have received packages very beat up and barely being held together. Florida shipments have arrived with no issues. Plus with Covid I have seen some shipments held in customs for weeks before being released. I got so fed up with the Issues with the postal sh
  12. Still waiting for resolution. Reshipment also has delivery issues. The parts I have gotten have come in completely destroyed boxes and incomplete addresses on the shipping label. My delivery issues are directly related to your inability to put the correct address on the shipping label. You put a street address with no state and incomplete 4 digit zip code (US zip codes are 5 digits) there is no way the postal system can guess where to delivery. This was supposed to be a Father’s Day gift but you messed all that up as I am still waiting for a new shipment.
  13. Is anyone else experiencing delivery issues? I orderEd the first 4 packs together got pack 3&4, pack 1&2 lost in the postal system. Reshipment of 1&2 same fate. Questioning whether to continue waiting or asking for a full refund and purchase from D’agostini instead? Same was waiting to buy cobra 427 and future kits but if they can’t get reliably delivered then makes me question if it is worth it.
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