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  1. Still waiting for resolution. Reshipment also has delivery issues. The parts I have gotten have come in completely destroyed boxes and incomplete addresses on the shipping label. My delivery issues are directly related to your inability to put the correct address on the shipping label. You put a street address with no state and incomplete 4 digit zip code (US zip codes are 5 digits) there is no way the postal system can guess where to delivery. This was supposed to be a Father’s Day gift but you messed all that up as I am still waiting for a new shipment.
  2. Is anyone else experiencing delivery issues? I orderEd the first 4 packs together got pack 3&4, pack 1&2 lost in the postal system. Reshipment of 1&2 same fate. Questioning whether to continue waiting or asking for a full refund and purchase from D’agostini instead? Same was waiting to buy cobra 427 and future kits but if they can’t get reliably delivered then makes me question if it is worth it.
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