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  1. PH0 and PH00 Screwdrivers with a shaft of 60mm; Plastic Side cutters (best if you can get a single Blade pair for cleaner cuts); #2 hex key (just in case you lose the one that comes with the build); A magnifier headset (depending on where you are building it one with a light); A pin drill and dress pin (for more precise application of the glue)
  2. Mor Draka 09

    When ????

    Based on their other build the packs will be sent out at the end of the month.
  3. General Lee; I've have kept a look out for any information from you Agora, that might provide a hint on how many pack the Bismark will come in. Do you have a rough idea as yet that you could share with the general community about this?
  4. I might try that was i can longer get in to the shoulder joints as one of the screws is cover by a glued in greebel so can't get in to the spring to try and grease or trim it.
  5. World of Wayne did a Showcase video of the cobra a few days ago here is the link to that video so you can see the prototype.
  6. Got to say that Sam really was good on ensuring that all the delivery Issues I had getting packs 1 -3 in one delivery with the errors (that I beleve was some intern in the British Royal Mail customs office). I can't fault Agora Staff for the problems, but they are really quick on ensuring that we get the deliveries that we paid for to us as soon as they can.
  7. Having the Same issue with both the left and Right shoulders. I've files, trimed and greased the living hell out of the springs and still only turns one way.... the only thing that i could think it might be is on the plate that the should rotates on might need to be sanded a little.. I'll try that and see if that fixes the issue...
  8. Give them a chance to write the emails out before they batch send them writing close to 500 individual emails is a time consuming process.
  9. It looks like you may not have seated the back of seat correctly in stage ten, or there maybe some flashing on the back of the part stopping it from seating correctly
  10. if it is the Bismarck please be sure that you correct the stairs from issue 47 of the series
  11. The instructions for Pack 3 have been available for download for the last two days since the 30th of June.
  12. Isn't the whitewall on one side of the tyres only allowing you to reverse the tyres if you wanted
  13. Just a quick query how long before the packs are sent out are the instruction packs put up for downloading for those of us who would like to ensure we have the needed tools for the pack on hand for when it arrives?
  14. It could be worse and it could be being held hostage by Royal Mail like mine packs are by the looks of the things... no updates on the tracking since the tacking number was provided to me from Agora models, under three weeks ago.
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