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  1. I am experiencing a major ongoing problem with receiving my subscription. The bullet points below summarize the issue(s) pretty comprehensively. * I was charged on 01 June 2020 for Pack #2 for this model. * I have never received Pack #2 for this model. * I have contacted Agora regarding this problem on Sunday 21 June, Wednesday 01 July, Thursday 09 July, Friday 10 July, Monday 13 July, and now today, Monday 20 July. Today marks the 6th time I am bringing this matter to their attention. * In spite of these repeated requests for assistance, no resolution to the above problem has occurred. I was repeatedly counseled to "wait a while longer." How long, exactly? * I was notified that a replacement shipment for Pack #2 would be issued "hopefully" during the week of 13 July 2020 and that I would receive a tracking number. That week has now expired, and I have not been notified of any tracking number. * Without Pack #2 even having been shipped to me, I was charged for Pack #3 on 01 July 2020. * I have not received Pack #3. It has been 3 weeks since I was charged for Pack #3 and have yet to receive even a notification that it has shipped. * I was promised a new poster, originally shipped in Pack #1, to replace the received one damaged during shipping. I have not received this yet. This list, plus other similar problems from other members here indicates some major problems with filling customer orders. I hope these systemic issues are addressed soon.
  2. I agree with Wyatt. Postal service has been terrible here. I still have not received my pack 2 which shipped on June 2nd and all tracking on it stopped June 12th. It's now July 12th and no one knows where it is. This is incredibly frustrating especially for something so expensive.
  3. My Pack two was shipped June 2nd. There have been no updates since June 12. Not sure if I should be concerned.
  4. Hi there. I did exchange emails with Sam showing photos of the adhesive stuck to everything with all the bits of the poster that were torn off. He said I should receive a replacement poster in my next pack. Thanks.
  5. My pack 1 arrived today. The box looked like it was sat upon by an elephant. Worse than that though was the back of all the plastic containers had this really nasty, gummy, super sticky adhesive on them and they stuck to and ruined my poster. 😞 I'm hoping to get in touch with someone to get it replaced.
  6. I received a tracking number also shipping from the UK. But General Lou has confirmed future shipments should originate from the U.S.
  7. Wyatt, Thanks for the heads up. I have had no email regarding this yet. Hopefully soon.
  8. @General Lou Any idea when the T-800 will ship here in the United States?
  9. Thanks for the heads up. So looking forward to getting started on this build. M~
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