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  1. Construction phase 38 - The rear floor and straps First, we insert both belt buckles into the back floor. then we put the rear floor on the front and screw both with four MP01 screws. Then guide the straps through the floor as shown and fix them from below.
  2. Construction phase 37 - The dashboard (3) First insert the radio into the dashboard and secure it with two MP01 screws. Then you take the watch and insert the dial. Then you insert the pane of glass. Now mount the front part of the clock and screw everything together with an MP05 screw. The clock is then inserted into the dashboard and secured with an MP05 screw. Now insert the back part of the glove compartment and screw it down with three MP01 screws. From the inside we are now assembling the flap of the glove compartment. Finally we mount the dashboard on the floor with two MP03 screws.
  3. Construction phase 36 - The dashboard (2) Now get the dashboard again in front of us and insert the stickers. Then you take the first chrome strip and insert the speedometer glasses. Now leads the first chrome strip onto the dashboard. Then you put the second chrome strip. Then screw the strips from behind with three screws MP01. Then stick the Shelby logo on the base and insert it into the dashboard. You screw this from behind with two MP05 screws.
  4. Construction phase 35 - dashboard and cover of the fuse box Take the cover of the fuse box and place it on the dashboard. Screw this from behind with an MP03 screw.
  5. Construction phase 34 - The pedals and microswitches first we put the two side parts on the floor and screw them together with two MP01 and an MP03 screw. Then we put the two microswitches in the bracket and mount them on the floor. We'll use an MP01 screw for this. Now we insert the pedals from above and fasten them with two MP01 screws. The accelerator pedal and brake pedal should now operate both microswitches.
  6. Stage 32 - The floor and the gear lever Put the shift lever on the floor from above and screw both with an MP01 screw.
  7. Construction phase 32 - The upper wishbone Take a bracket and a wishbone and put them together, push a step through the holes. We assemble the other wishbone in the same way. Then mount the wishbones on the chassis with two MD06 screws each.
  8. Construction phase 31 - stabilizers and wheel suspension Attaches the stabilizers to the front chassis from below. Fix it from above with two screws MP03. Use a pin on each of the suspension. So the wheel suspension remains mobile. Finally, we insert the handlebars as shown. Secure this with some paper tape provisionally.
  9. Construction phase 30 - wheel suspension and steering Now mount both brackets of the wheel suspension on the chassis and fasten them with it one MD06 screw each. Then we put the steering gear on the chassis and screw it to an MP01 Screw. Now we take the steering linkage again and put the steering arm on. Attach this with an MD02 screw. Make sure that the steering arm remains movable.
  10. Construction phase 29 - The handlebars Align the handlebars as you can see in the pictures and screw all three together with two screws MD02. Make sure that the handlebars remain flexible.
  11. Construction phase 28 - fender splash guard Now we mount a splash guard on the front chassis at the fender. Insert these as you can see and screw both with two screws each MD06.
  12. Construction phase 27 - The front chassis Now guide the front chassis to the middle chassis and screw both with screws MD06.
  13. Construction phase 26 - transmission and cross member Now insert the gearbox on the middle chassis and fasten it with two MP01 screws. We now also put the cross member on top of the gearbox and fasten it with it two screws type MP01.
  14. Construction phase 25 - the cardan shaft We now put both halves of the cardan shaft together and screw both together three MP02 screws. Then we insert the cardan shaft into the rear differential and insert the holding points into the chassis. Screw both with two MP01 screws.
  15. Construction phase 24 - The front floor pan Take the floor pan and insert it into the middle chassis as shown. Fasten both with a type MP03 screw at the front. Then insert the four MD02 screws from the side. For the rest of the fastening we use four MD06 screws.
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