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    OK so pack two finally arrived yesterday, I would have done a review then but lost power for most of the night...anyhow item was shipped May 17, got to Los Angeles for some reason instead of NYC.....on May 28th......and from there it was in impound jail until June 21st.......almost a month. With all the turmoil of COVID-19, and the shenanigans of the BLM rioters international mail was shut down. When the box finally arrived it looked all the world like the protesters were using it to break into the stores with there. My heart sunk, because I thought I was going to do the call of shame to AGORA and try to get a replacement. Not to worry. Because of how they packaged it with bubble wrap everything was perfect. None of the blister packs were crushed, or parts broken. I was over the moon. seriously. If I were to make any helpful critique, it would be to put the packaging tape along the shorter top edges. It would keep those from springing open and possibly have a errant screw or part escape the box. It would cost perhaps a few cents per box? I dunno. Anyhow great packaging 👍 Thank you AGORA for taking the time to package things fantastically to survive even...ahem...challenging times.
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